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The Cuban Story in RI Unfolds ...

Tessie Salabert

Tessie Salabert, 2013

We are currently focusing on collecting stories of Cubans and writing a general history of Cubans in New England. We recently conducted an interview with Tessie Salabert, who came to the U.S. from Cuba in 1961.

Tessie came to RI through the CIA project Operación Pedro Pan (Operation Peter Pan). In her 35-year career at the RI Department of Labor and Training, Tessie helped immigrants and Spanish-speakers in the community to secure employment. Tessie further served the community in her 20 years as a board member for Progreso Latino. The full story from Tessie’s interview can be read here.

Rhode Island Cubans and Cuban-Americans, please help us to enrich our project by sharing your stories as well!

We are still collecting stories of Spanish-speaking pioneers from any country. Write a note below, or please contact us via this page if you have a story to share, or if you know of someone in RI, MA or CT we should interview.

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