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Mercado Latino | International Market | Providence, RI

International Market | 129 Douglas Ave. | Providence, RI 02908

Photo above is a photo taken in April 2020, showing the location of the store and restaurant on Douglas Avenue. Do you remember or did you know anyone who spoke of shopping at International Market? Please send us a note at this link.
La foto de arriba es una foto que fue tomada en 2020, que muestra la ubicación de la tienda y el restaurante en Douglas Avenue. ¿Recuerdas o conocías a alguien que hablara de comprar en el Mercado Internacional? Por favor envíenos una nota aquí.
City records show that in 1969 a business known as "Mercado Latino" opened on 129 Douglas Avenue in Providence. Two years later, in 1971, we found a listing for "International Market" at the same address, and its owner at the time is listed as Nerino Sánchez. Interestingly enough, a business called "Spanish-American Restaurant" appears also in 1971 at 131 Douglas Avenue, which on a city map is located adjacent, to the left of, International Market.

Records show that the Sánchez family business stayed in this location until 1983 and later, moved to Elmwood Avenue, which is the location of a story published in the Providence Journal by Robert Chiappinelli. oprime aqui para leer in Español
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